Customer story #3 – Event Communications

Create an engaging and personal video for all your event invites.

The client: A leading Asia-based asset management company

Business challenge

A leading Asia-based asset management company sought a more unique and engaging way to communicate an event invitation to both their life agents and clients.

Strategic solution

GroupStar provided the team with a quick and easy-to-use platform that allowed executives to record from both Hong Kong and Singapore on their mobile phones in less than 30 minutes of filming.

The completion of the entire process from drafting to recording to post-production and final output was all done in under 3 days in order to meet the asset management company’s timelines.


Delivered in a format that allowed recipients to provide active feedback

Distributed a custom video SMS invitation to over 250 unique stakeholders

A more novel, interesting, and engaging form of content as compared to a static text e-mail or physical invitation