Customer Story #4: Sales Enablement

Create an engaging product video promoting product launch details to your sales teams and partners

The client: A leading provider in the telecommunications and connectivity industry.


With 116 years of experience, and more than 36 000 employees globally, our client has a strong foothold in the Australian market.

Our client’s goal: To maintain high standards and dedication to excellence while increasing the performance of their Territory Sales Representatives and implementing a large number of innovations within the company.

Business Challenge

Our clients’ Product Enablement Team was actively seeking an engaging yet comprehensive method to convey new product details to their globally dispersed sales managers and teams.

Strategic Solution

Footage was captured through the GroupStar app and transformed through the use of additional visuals, charts, and animations to replace conventional slide decks and reduce spending on flying speakers across multiple roadshow venues.

Groupstar effectively supplied a platform that offered teams flexibility in designing product specific narratives to educate audiences on product features, benefits, and how industries are adapting to accomodate these new products.

GroupStar was also able to provide professional support to our client through the entire process of onboarding, storyline development, editing, and ongoing technical support.


30 Contributors distributed over 4 countries in APAC

6 different product marketing teams working together remotely

Time and cost savings in generating 23 different videos that were used for the roadshow.